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package skynet
import (
// MongoSemanticLogger saves logging data to a MongoDB instance.
type MongoSemanticLogger struct {
session *mgo.Session
dbName, collectionName string
uuid string
// NewMongoSemanticLogger connects to a MongoDB instance at the given
// address (often "localhost").
func NewMongoSemanticLogger(addr, dbName, collectionName,
uuid string) (ml *MongoSemanticLogger, err error) {
ml = &MongoSemanticLogger{
dbName: dbName,
collectionName: collectionName,
uuid: uuid,
ml.session, err = mgo.Dial(addr)
// Log saves all fields of the given payload to MongoDB, setting
// unexported fields as necessary. May behave differently based upon
// payload.LogLevel.
func (ml *MongoSemanticLogger) Log(payload *LogPayload) {
// Sanity checks
if ml == nil {
log.Printf("NOT LOGGING: Can't log to nil *MongoSemanticLogger\n")
if payload == nil {
log.Printf("NOT LOGGING: Can't log nil *LogPayload\n")
// Set various Payload fields
payload.UUID = ml.uuid
// Log regardless of the log level
err := ml.session.DB(ml.dbName).C(ml.collectionName).Insert(payload)
if err != nil {
errStr := "Error logging with MongoSemanticLogger %s: %v"
log.Printf(errStr, ml.uuid, err)
// Trace logs the given payload to MongoDB
func (ml *MongoSemanticLogger) Trace(msg string) {
ml.Log(NewLogPayload(TRACE, msg))
// Debug logs the given payload to MongoDB
func (ml *MongoSemanticLogger) Debug(msg string) {
ml.Log(NewLogPayload(DEBUG, msg))
// Info logs the given payload to MongoDB
func (ml *MongoSemanticLogger) Info(msg string) {
ml.Log(NewLogPayload(INFO, msg))
// Warn logs the given payload to MongoDB
func (ml *MongoSemanticLogger) Warn(msg string) {
ml.Log(NewLogPayload(WARN, msg))
// Error logs the given payload to MongoDB
func (ml *MongoSemanticLogger) Error(msg string) {
ml.Log(NewLogPayload(ERROR, msg))
// Fatal logs the given payload to MongoDB (after adding stacktrace
// data), then panics.
func (ml *MongoSemanticLogger) Fatal(msg string) {
payload := NewLogPayload(FATAL, msg)
// BenchmarkInfo currently does nothing but should measure the time
// it takes to execute `f` based on the log level
func (ml *MongoSemanticLogger) BenchmarkInfo(level LogLevel, msg string,
f func(logger SemanticLogger)) {
// TODO: Implement
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