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C++/Boost Asio based websocket client/server library

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This is a fork of WebSocket++ that adds a CMake buildsystem and a lightweight Qt
wrapper. It is designed for embedding and using in a Qt application.

Use WebSocketWrapper in qtwrapper/ in your Qt application to open a websocket
connecting, send messages, and receive data from the message() signal.

(c) 2012 Leo Franchi <>


WebSocket++ is a full featured C++/Boost ASIO implimentation of RFC6455, the 
WebSocket protocol which can be used to build applications that feature 
WebSocket client and server functionality.

   * Fully supports RFC6455 protocol
   * Partial support for Hixie draft 76 and Hybi drafts 7-17
   * Easy to use message/event based API
   * Boost ASIO based asynchronous network core
   * Supports secure WebSockets (TLS) and IPv6
   * Fully passes the AutoBahn 0.4.10 test suite
   * Includes WebSocket performance and stress testing tools 
   * Open-source (BSD license)

For more information, please visit: or the
project's github wiki at:
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