Global Game Jam 2014 - Me vs Me
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Unity project


Me vs Me is a competitive hot-seat game. Players take turns controlling the one character, a gummy bear
roaming across a giant birthday cake. Each player can only control the gummy bear for a few seconds before
control switches to the other player.

For both players, controls are up, down, left, right, rotate camera left and rotate camera right. Squares
you can move the gummy bear onto will have a border. The border is red when it's Player 1's turn to control
the gummy bear, and blue when it's Player 2's turn. The gummy bear can drop off ledges, but can't jump back
up them (stairs are no problem, though.)

Player 1's goal is to cover the cake in icing, as many squares as they can. Icing will appear on each
square the gummy bear walks on while under Player 1's control, and Player 1 gets one point per iced

Player 2's goal is to steal as many birthday candles as they can, and take them to a candle drop-off
zone to score points for them. Birthday candles are found sticking out of cupcakes. They come in in
five varieties, worth 5, 10, 15 or 25 points each. How many points they're worth is indicated by a number
candle sticking in the cupcake. The gummy bear can only carry one candle of each kind at a time, so
Player 2 will want to make quick trips between cupcakes and candle drop-off squares. Drop-off squares are
indicated with a big yellow arrow pointing down at them.

Player 1 and Player 2 have completely opposing goals. Player 1 will want to cover as much ground as they
can, and steer the gummy bear away from candles and score zones. Player 2 will want to re-tread iced
squares, moving between candles and score zones as frequently as possible.

The match ends when the timer runs out, all the squares are iced, or all the candles have been collected.

In addition to candle-bearing cupcakes, some squares have jump pads on them. These look like round jelly
sweets. They will launch the gummy bear somewhere else on the cake, usually somewhere up.

There are also teleports, which look like rings. Walking onto one teleport square will send the gummy bear
to the corresponding teleport square. Teleporters are colour-coded.

Player 1 controls:
W: move up
A: move left
S: move down
D: move right
Q: rotate camera left
E: rotate camera right.

Player 2:
arrow keys: left, down, up, right
delete: rotate camera left
page down: rotate camera right.

There are four different arenas to play. You can pick from any of them. The first level is more of a
practise level than a competitive challenge.