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Alfredo Lopez edited this page Jul 14, 2019 · 2 revisions

Lightkeeper is the tool I have been waiting someone else to make.

If you have a site with multiple routes, scripts and templates; tackling web performance can be daunting. In an ideal world, all pages should meet the same budget, but web pages aren’t created equal.

They can have different goals, even different audiences, and this needs to be reflected in our budgets.

Performance Budgets should be flexible to allow tradeoffs, experimentation without losing track of other pages.

In a CI/CD environment, tracking performance changes after a merge/release creates a reactive culture, where performance is bug fixing, and not part of feature development.

Although, Github does not provide a warning status. Lightkeeper provides a warning setting to stay on top of refactoring, and/or track trends.

Most importantly, the reportOnly setting, lets you integrate performance gradually. This allows reports to start appearing without a failing status, so you and your team can be aware of the performance impact each Pull Request will bring, while optimizations and awareness takes place.

Whether you’re just beginning your Performance efforts, or trying to maintain them, I hope Lightkeeper can help you.

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