Manages storage of multipart file uploads in Spring MVC applications
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Spring File Upload Storage Build Status

Utility library for managing the temporary storage of multipart file uploads in Spring MVC applications.


Spring MVC has a convenient abstraction for handling file uploads through multipart requests. But where do you store uploaded files during user interactions that span multiple HTTP requests? For example, in a multi-page form.

  • Storing uploads as temporary files on the filesystem is easily implemented, but is not the most secure approach when dealing with privacy-sensitive information.
  • Storing uploads as database BLOBs is more secure, but is not trivial to implement.
  • You also need a way to manage uploads in a timely manner, not keeping files around longer than necessary.

Spring File Upload Storage aims to address these issues.


  • Stores uploaded files in a database.
  • Works with any database that supports JDBC and SQL.
  • Maintains files using a time-to-live mechanism.
  • Cleans up expired files automatically.

Core API

Example app

The Example app shows to use the library in a Spring Boot web app.


  • Java 1.6+
  • Spring 4.0+, specifically these libraries
    • spring-web
    • spring-jdbc
  • slf4j-api


# *NIX

# Windows


Public Domain