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#include <iostream>
#include <memory>
using namespace std;
unique_ptr<int> createOne(){
return unique_ptr<int>(new int(1));
class Data{
void aMethod(){ cout << "method called" << endl;}
~Data(){ cout << "data is being deleted" << endl; }
int main() {
// when the program exits the block, the pointer is going to delete the data
// automatically
unique_ptr<Data> dataPtr { new Data() };
// the only way to pass on the data is to release the pointer
// so we never going to have two unique_ptr with the same data
unique_ptr<Data> dataPtr = unique_ptr<Data>(new Data());
unique_ptr<Data> dataPtr2 {dataPtr.release()};
cout << dataPtr.get() << " and " << dataPtr2.get() << endl;
// to use the object held by the unique_ptr, just use it as it were a
// common pointer
// the best use of a unique_ptr is to return objects created by
// functions, that way we are guaranteed to not have a memory leak
unique_ptr<int> one_p = createOne();
cout << *a << endl;
return 0;