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Helping to catalogue, preserve and free the artifacts you need to produce music.

  • About the project: Musical Artifacts is a web application with the objective of helping musicians find, share and preserve the 'artifacts' that they use for producing their music. It also aims to be a de facto guideline of how to best preserve these artifacts so that they're are useful to the biggest number of people possible.

  • How to contribute: You can help by creating new artifacts, reporting bugs, writing code or helping to translate the application to your language.

  • About open licenses: How to chose appropriate licenses for your artifacts.

  • About open formats: Choosing the best file formats to distribute your files.

  • About file hosting: Tips on how to host/mirror your own files so that they stay accessible forever.

  • Website Data: All the files and databases collected as part of the Musical Artifacts project can be downloaded from: https://data.musical-artifacts.com. There you'll find a database of all the artifacts, all the uploaded files as well as a json representation of all the data. There's also repository for this json data if you like this kind of stuff.