Plugin for Google Chrome to allow client-side cross-site screen scraping of other websites
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GoldDigger is a client-side browser plugin that allows a website to screenscrape or interact with other websites, bypassing cross-domain restrictions. Once the plugin is installed, the user can approve/deny individual websites' ability to do these actions.

Because GoldDigger scrapes sites from the client side, websites need dramatically less servers to do server-side scraping, fewer IP addresses to get blocked, no more ratelimits, no relying on often-crippled official APIs, no need for PCI Compliance when using GoldDigger for financial applications, and many other extremely practical benefits.

Some great use cases for GoldDigger:

  • Competitor to Kayak/Orbitz/Hipmunk with access to more airlines
  • Replacement for without the need to give out your bank details to unknown sites
  • A more user friendly interface to bank government and bank websites
  • Price comparison and availability lookup for items at local stores
  • Embedding live sports scores or financial information on your personal webpage

GoldDigger is currently only available for Chrome though obviously I'd like compatibility on all major browsers.


Gold Digger is in an extremely ALPHA state. Please don't start any startups based on this plugin. :) It's currently lacking a lot of functionality.

Developer Example

Include the following in your html page's <head>:

<meta name='uses-gold-digger' content />

Execute the following in JavaScript on your webpage:

goldDigger = GoldDigger.createScraper("", failed, null, function (scraper) {
  scraper.waitFor("#price-panel span", function () {
    scraper.getDOM("#price-panel span", function (dom) {
      alert("The current live GOOG stock value is: " + dom.innerText.trim());

User accepts your webpage to access GoldDigger


Result on your own webpage:

Google Finance

Check out the /examples directory for more examples. Enjoy!


  1. Run coffee --watch --compile .
  2. Load this directory as an unpacked extension in Google Chrome
  3. Go to an example in the /examples directory


Please send your feedback to or @lg on Twitter