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Can Graph Neural Networks Go "Online"? An Analysis of Pretraining and Inference
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Evaluating graph neural nets with unseen nodes

Paper: L Galke, I Vagliano, A Scherp: Can Graph Neural Networks Go "Online"? An Analysis of Pretraining and Inference, Representation Learning on Graphs and Manifolds workshop, ICLR 2019.

A link to the paper will follow soon.

Results figure from the paper

Accuracy scores after inserting previously unseen, unlabelled nodes and edges.


For the evaluate script: python3, torch, dgl, pandas

For the visualization script: matplotlib, seaborn

pip install -r requirements.txt

Reproducing our experiments

We provide a convenience script for re-generating all the results from the paper.


Running own experiments

The pretraining/inference experiments can be conducted with the script

usage: [-h] [--dataset DATASET]
			[--model MODEL]
			[--runs RUNS]
			[--inference INFERENCE]
			[--outfile OUTFILE]
			[--epochs EPOCHS]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --dataset DATASET     The input dataset.
  --model MODEL         Specify model
  --runs RUNS           Number of random reruns
  --inference INFERENCE
                        Number of inference epochs
  --invert              Invert train and test set
  --outfile OUTFILE     Dump Results to outfile
  --epochs EPOCHS       Number of training epochs
  --no-cuda             Force no cuda

For batching experiments, see the example in trigger.bash

Visualizing results

We provide a script to visualize the results generated by The script should be called on the results file specified by --outfile:

python3 results.txt

Adding new models

New models should be implemented as subclasses of nn.Module and implement forward as forward(features), where features are the node features. They additionally need to satisfy set_graph(g), where g is a DGLGraph instance. This method will be called between the pretraining and the inference epochs. They need to be registered along with hyperparameters and optimizers in the

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