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oatpp-swagger with Async APIs

Simple example how to document Async-Controller endpoints with Swagger-UI

More about oat++:


Project layout

- CMakeLists.txt               // project loader script. load and build dependencies 
- main/                        // main project directory
    |- CMakeLists.txt          // projects CMakeLists.txt
    |- src/                    // source folder
    |- test/                   // test folder
- src/
    |- controller/              // Folder containing controller where all endpoints are declared
    |- dto/                     // DTOs are declared here
    |- SwaggerComponent.hpp     // General info for Swagger
    |- AppComponent.hpp         // Service config
    |- Logger.hpp               // Application Logger
    |- App.cpp                  // main() is here

Build and Run

Using CMake

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make run        ## Download, build, and install all dependencies. Run project

In Docker

$ docker build -t example-async-api .
$ docker run -p 8000:8000 -t example-async-api
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