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Generate pretty, beveled OSX folder icons.

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Apple FolderCube FolderOctocat FolderRhombic Hexecontrahedron FolderOctocat Folder

Try it!

git clone git://
cd folderify
for file in examples/src/*.png; do ./folderify $file; done
open examples/src/

You should see a bunch of new .icns files that were automatically generated from the .png masks.

Or try this:

git clone git://
cd folderify
./folderify examples/src/folder_outline.png .

The repository folder should now have an icon.



folderify <image.png> [<optional_target_file_or_folder>]
  • The input file should be an image with a transparent background. For best results:
    • Use a .png file
    • Use a black figure on a transparent background. (Colored images also work, but may produce a weaker effect.)
    • Make sure the corner pixels of the image are transparent. They are currently used for empty margins.
  • folderify will produce a .icns file containing 5 resolutions of folder icons. The .icns file will also have itself as its icon.
    • (Note that normal .icns files do NOT have themselves as an icon.)
  • The icon can be copied from the generated .icns to any other file folder using the "Get Info" pane in the Finder.
    • (Note that this does NOT normally work for .icns files, but it does work for such files that have been generated using folderify.)


  • ImageMagick - for image processing (you should be able to run convert on the commandline).
  • Python 2 - to help assign the icon file to itself.
  • Apple Developer Tools (for /Developer/Tools/Rez)
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