Discussion about the GUI implementation details

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We plan to have 3 layers:

About file vs. object access

The data to be plotted can have mixed origins. File access, in memory or a mix of both.

A few suggestions for the middle layer:

See middle-layer.

First idea:

  1. define the data needed to build a complete GUI
  2. store it in an environment for easy access by the GUI component
  3. write a wrapper to get the data from raw files via mzR and populate the environment
  4. create the GUI.

The problem with the above is that the data is duplicated, which we don't want to do. Idea 2 would be something like a set of rules:

  1. if the data is in a file, we access it through mzR like this ...
  2. if the data is in an MSnExp instance, we access it like this ...

For a file access, rule 1 would be the default. For and MSnExp access, rule 2 would be the default. For mixed access, we would create a set of spectra (their acquisition numbers for example) that access via rule 2, and all the other ones through disk access.

I suggest to start working on the file access only mode. If we restrict MSnExp visualisation to cases where the raw file is present (*), we can more or less replace that case with the former.

(*) The file name can be obtained with fileNames(), and we can verify that it is available with file.exists.

GUI implementation

First screenshot!