Somewhat lame emulation (running on Linux/Unix/Windows/OSX, utilizing SDL2) of some - mainly - 8 bit machines, including the Commodore LCD, Commodore 65, and the Mega-65 (work-in-progress)
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X-Emulators ~ "Xemu"

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Emulators running on Linux/Unix/Windows/OSX of various (mainly 8 bit) machines, including the Commodore LCD and Commodore 65 (and also some Mega65) as well.

Written by (C)2016-2018 LGB (Gábor Lénárt) Source repository:

Xemu also contains code wasn't written by me. Please read this page to get to know more, also with my greeings for any kind of help from others:

Xemu is licensed under the terms of GNU/GPL v2, for more information please read file LICENSE. You can find the source on github, see above.

Note: there is nothing too much common in these machines. The only reason that I emulate these within a single project, that I can easily re-use some of the components needed, that's all! Also, the list of emulated machines is simply the preference of myself, what I would like to emulate, nothing special about my selection.

This file is only some place holder :) For some sane documentation, please visit the wiki section of the project, here:

Quick start (using binary)

For probably seriously outdated pre-compiled binaries for MacOS, Win32, Win64, (and some deb package) please follow this link:

Maybe more up-to-date site of mine for binaries (but no MacOS here) with experimental windows installer and Ubuntu DEB package:

Quick start (from source)

For more information:

Install software for compilation

Example for Ubuntu Linux

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git build-essential libsdl2-dev libgtk-3-dev libreadline-dev

Example for MacOS

Assuming development Apple development components and homebrew is already installed on your Mac:

brew update
brew install sdl2 wget git

Clone source respository

git clone
cd xemu

Download needed ROM images, etc

make roms



Optionally, to create binary DEBian .deb package for Ubuntu/Debian Linux, result will be built in build/bin (which can be installed with dpkg -i, followed by a sudo xemu-download-data which will download the data files as well, you can then execute emulators like xemu-xmega65):

make deb

To compile only (make in the top level directory will compile all of the targets automatically) a given emulator (let's say mega65):

cd targets
ls -l
cd mega65
cd ../..

Here, command ls -l is only for get a list of available targets (ie. the emulators included in the Xemu project).

Note: in case of MacOS, you may get tons of warning of invalid options during the compilation. This is harmless, and it's the sign of using CLANG for real with the command name gcc. To avoid them, instead of using plain make, use this: make ARCH=osx.

Run the binary

ls -l build/bin/

to get a list of compiled binaries, like xmega65.native or xc65.native

Run one of them, like (the Commodore LCD emulator in this case):



For building binary (exe) for Windows, you still need a UNIX-like environment (in theory WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux - should be enough) for the compilation, with cross-compiler and SDL2 MinGW cross platform suite installed. Then you can say the following for 32 bit or 64 bit build process (in general, 32 bit version should be avoided on any OS - for performance reasons as well):

make ARCH=win32
make ARCH=win64

In build/bin you'll find files like *.win32 and *.win64, they are exe files for real, you can rename and copy them to a Windows box to be able to run them using Windows only (you also need the specific SDL2.dll though).