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Master branch release log

This rough log shows the most important features of a given "release" in the master branch (and only the master branch!). The most important facts (from the view point of an average user, that is, not necessarily for a developer or power user) are emphasized with bold font. If possible, the given merge commit and/or pull request is mentioned as well. Download binaries from here: Full commit log:


  • MEGA65: updated hardware accelerated keyboard decoder (from Hernan, by following the actual VHDL of MEGA65)
  • MEGA65+C65: 0.1sec resolution for CIA TODs (also affects TI/TI$ in BASIC10) (reported/asked by steph72)
  • MEGA65: more clear error message of external D81 when there is no default D81 for Hyppo (suggested by Paul)
  • MEGA65: DMA enhanced option list should skip one byte on unknown option >= $80
  • MEGA65: ability to "inject" a .PRG into the memory directly with -prg command line option, or using the UI menu. Also, this can be used from the UI.
  • MEGA65: enable 8Mbyte of "slow RAM" by default from now
  • MEGA65: finally, MEGA65 compatible VIC-IV palette handling with full colour resolution (not just C65 ...) and multiple colour banks
  • MEGA65: experimental OPL3 emulation using Nuked-OPL3 (OPL3 is in MEGA65 VHDL but not working yet)
  • MEGA65: added audio DMA emulation, though at this stage it is totally untested! (Xemu still can't run - for another reason than audio emulation - MODPLAY.prg which would needed to test this feature)
  • MEGA65: added audio mixing, with fixed settings for now (not MEGA65 compatible or can be altered in any way, currently!)
  • Adding AUTHORS file
  • MEGA65+C65: adding an OSD display for "keyboard debugging" (showing SDL2 scancode names). Can be enabled/disabled from UI menu (Display submenu)