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##Author Luke Geneslaw

##About The Todo List Manager is a web service built in Django, meant to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Create, Update, Delete
  • Show Items Completed On A Given Day
  • Show Uncompleted Items
  • Show Items Due Soon - visual Indication
  • Show Items Past Due - visual Indication
  • Week View
  • Day View

##Stack Backend - SQLlite3, Python 2.7

Frontend - JQuery

##Notable Files

The following files are found within todolist/todolist_app

  • - Contains the Task object model. A Task has a name, due date, completion flag, and optional completion date
  • - Interracts with to serve pages
  • - maps URL regular expressions to target methods in
  • - defines the form for creating/editing a Task
  • templates/todolist_app - directory containing the page templates served by


  • Timezone support
  • Multiple accounts
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