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LG Optimus One (P500) Device folder

branch: jellybean

Fix for audio routing to headset and earpiece

- Audio is being heard on target speaker even when
headset/headphone is connected to the device
- TTY mode variable is not initialized to off by
default in constructor. With the garbage value while
in call trying to set TTY devices.
- Set TTY mode variable to off by default in constructor
latest commit 9529460d01
Shashi Kumar authored Rashed97 committed
LG P500 Jelly Bean Setup

Copy/paste it WORKING_DIR/.repo/local_manifest.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <project path="device/lge/msm7x27-common" name="lgics/cm_device_lge_msm7x27-common" remote="github" revision="jellybean" />
  <project path="device/lge/p500" name="lgics/cm_device_lge_p500" remote="github" revision="jellybean" />
  <project path="kernel/lge/msm7x27" name="lgics/lge-kernel-msm7x27" remote="github" revision="jellybean" />
  <project path="vendor/lge" name="lgics/cm_vendor_lge" remote="github" revision="jellybean" />
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