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Webmachine for Ruby: Sprockets integration

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Webmachine for Ruby: Sprockets integration

Sprockets is a Ruby library for compiling and serving web assets. It features declarative dependency management for JavaScript and CSS assets, as well as a powerful preprocessor pipeline that allows you to write assets in languages like CoffeeScript, Sass, SCSS and LESS.

webmachine-ruby is a port of Webmachine, which is written in Erlang. The goal of both projects is to expose interesting parts of the HTTP protocol to your application in a declarative way. This means that you are less concerned with handling requests directly and more with describing the behavior of the resources that make up your application. Webmachine is not a web framework per se, but more of a toolkit for building HTTP-friendly applications. For example, it does not provide a templating engine or a persistence layer; those choices are up to you.


require 'webmachine'
require 'webmachine/sprockets'

MyApp = do |app|
  sprockets =
  sprockets.append_path 'app/assets/javascripts'

  resource = Webmachine::Sprockets.resource_for(sprockets)
  app.add_route [ 'assets', '*' ], resource


  1. Fork at
  2. Create a branch and add your commits
  3. Open a Pull Request

You can also open an issue for discussion first, if you like.


webmachine-sprockets is free and unencumbered public domain software. For more information, see or the accompanying UNLICENSE file.

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