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A smart doorbell service. Detect incoming visitors, push a SMS notification, and more.
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PhoneBuzz for Homes

PhoneBuzz is a project to create an automatic doorbell system. Contained on GitHub will be the scripts behind the system which will detect nearby Wi-Fi devices and push an SMS alert via. Twilio. Alongside that it will push a notification to a secondary device where it is handled there for messaging, hosting a dashboard and more.

Current Configuration Hardware

  • Raspberry Pi (2)
  • Wi-Fi USB (2)
  • Pushbutton for hardware doorbell
  • Piezo speaker for basic alert on other side

Example Configuration File

This example is to be completed and inserted into the ./CONFIG file



  • Implement Twilio SMS notifications on new registered MAC address visitors
  • Create web interface for manageing registered addresses (registerable from device on local network by accessing it with the device easily too!)
  • Integrate with Homely (home automation dashboard, wip)
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