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BURP AES Extension


This is a plugin to handle AES encryption / decryption in Burp.

It registers two Intruder payload processors so you can encrypt/decrypt payloads on the Intruder Tab.

It also registers a Scanner insertion point provider. What this does is when you request an active Burp scan, it looks in existing parameters for AES payloads that can be decrypted using the current configuration / keys. If it finds any, it registers scanner insertion points to perform injection inside the AES payloads.

Contact me via twitter at @lgrangeia for suggestions and use cases and I will try to implement them. I welcome ideas or pull requests.


This can be compiled normally using 'javac'. I still haven't built a build.xml or pom.xml file, but there's a jardesc file to compile and package it using Eclipse. There's a precompiled jar at the dist/ folder.


Install the burp extension as usual in burp. If you need AES 256 bits and are using Oracle JRE, you may need to install Java Cryptography Extension:



Alt text