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Common Problems: sqldf() fails to connect to database

A number of students in Getting and Cleaning Data have reported problems with sqldf() when attempting to answer the week 2 quiz. After some back and forth on the Discussion Forum, one student employed her hacker skills and discovered that she could resolve the problem by explicitly setting an option for sqldf.driver.


She also noted that she had installed MySQL on her computer, in addition to the R libraries required for sqldf(). This means that the error was most likely caused by sqldf() attempting to use the RMySQL driver, which requires a MySQL database to exist in order to function correctly.


If you're having problems getting sqldf() to work, set the option for sqldf.driver to use SQLite instead of another driver such as RMySQL that will attempt to connect to a database management system outside of the R environment.

Hat tip to an unnamed student from Getting & Cleaning Data who discovered this solution.