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Resources for R Programming

Here is a list of resources that will be helpful as you progress through the Johns Hopkins University Data Science Specialization's R Programming course. One of the challenges presented by this course is that it depends on the hacker mentality that the professors introduced in the Data Scientist's Toolbox -- you have to spend some time figuring out the resources beyond the lectures and slides to help solve the problems.

Fortunately, past students have developed a fair amount of content to guide others through the course, starting with the R Programming page on the Data Science Specialization github site.

Assignment 1 Topics

For assignment 1, Derek Franks' Tutorial for those struggling with Programming Assignment 1 is very helpful, along with my articles:

Assignment 2 Topics

The Assignment

For assignment 2, DanieleP's Tutorial for those Struggling with Programming Assignment 2 is helpful, along with my articles makeCacheMatrix as an Object, and R Objects, S Objects, and Lexical Scoping, which references an extended version of the Lexical Scoping lecture from a 2003 JHU Biostatistics class. Given all of the challenges people have in understanding this assignment, I have also posted a complete walkthrough of the makeVector() function in the article Demystifying makeVector().

Git and Github

Many students struggle with use of Github for this assignment. Git and Github are covered in The Data Scientist's Toolbox, and there is a lot of content explaining how to use Git and Github on the Data Science Specializtion Community Site's Data Scientist's Toolbox page.

Assignment 3 Topics

Finally, for assignment 3, take a look at DanieleP's Tutorial for those Struggling with Programming Assignment 3, along with my articles Functions to Sort Data Frames, and Forms of the Extract Operator.

A list of other R resources is available at References for R Programming. If you have a background in SAS, the transition to R can be challenging. I've posted a number of articles on this topic, starting with R Onboarding for SAS Users. Finally, if you're stuck, make sure you use the Discussion Forums to get help. A significant part of the learning process in online courses occurs on the Discussion Forums. The more you invest in them, the more you'll learn.

Appendix: Len's R Programming articles

All of the articles I've written to support R Programming are located at R Programming Articles.