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Different search technologies wrapped into vagrant machines for easy testing.
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Search Vagrant definitions


This module is currently work in progress - i will remove this line when it is ready.


After i created the local test setup for MongoDB i recognized it would be great to have the possibility to evaluate other backend storage technologies as well. Therefore this repository contains search backend technologies like Elasticsearch.


Please follow the install instructions at Use the latest version from vagrant and install the latest version of VirtualBox (the version from the projects homepages are recommended). After the installation, verify that virtualization options are enabled in your bios, if you are using a 'normal' pc. I did not encounter any virtualization problems on macs.

The machines


This is a three instance setup for elasticsearch. It uses a standard Ubuntu base-box and installs elasticsearch via puppet. Furthermore elasticsearch will be configured to run on and ports 9200 and 9300.


cd elasticsearch
vagrant up

After this you can access elasticsearch by calling its http interfaces at:

To shut down the vagrant images use:

vagrant halt


vagrant destroy

Evaluation proposal

To provide an easy to use evaluation tool, i created an db evaluation skeleton in Java - you can find it here

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