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Example Sensor Plugin showing if certain Acceleration and Rotation values are out of acceptable ranges
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Comfort Sensor

This repository contains the code and assets for a custom Sensor Plugin - Comfort Sensor.

To use this Sensor Plugin:

  1. clone the Sensor Plugin repo into Assets/External/Sensors as Assets/External/Sensors/ComfortSensor inside of your Simulator Unity Project

  2. build the Sensor Plugin for use with the Simulator, navigate to the Simulator -> Build Sensors Unity Editor menu item. Clicking on it will build every custom sensor in the Assets/External/Sensors directory and will output built Sensor Plugin bundles to the AssetBundles/Sensors folder

  3. on simulation startup, the Simulator will load all custom Sensor Plugin bundles in AssetBundles/Sensors directory and will be a valid sensor in a vehicle's configuration JSON

  4. add json configuration (see below) to vehicle of your choosing and launch simulation

Comfort Sensor will detect whether a vehicle's acceleration, rotation or other values are out of acceptable ranges.


maxAccelAllowed - Maximum m/s^2 allowed

maxJerkAllowed - Maximum m/s^3 allowed

maxAngularVelocityAllowed - Maximum deg/s allowed

maxAngularAccelerationAllowed - Maximum deg/s^2 allowed

rollTolerance - Maximum deg rotation on the x axis

slipTolerance - Maximum deg difference between vehicle's velocity and vehicle's forward

Example sensor config JSON:

"type" : "Comfort",
"name" : "Comfort Sensor",    
"params": {
      "maxAccelAllowed": 8,
      "maxJerkAllowed": 4,
      "maxAngularVelocityAllowed": 200,
      "maxAngularAccelerationAllowed": 100,
      "rollTolerance": 10,
      "slipTolerance": 15

Custom Message

To implement custom messages, contained in a given Sensor Plugin project there must be an IDataConverter implementation. In this example project this is contained in ComfortData.cs

The interface requires the following functions to be implemented:

public Func<ComfortData, object> GetConverter(IBridge bridge);

Which provides the type conversion functions from the Sensor Plugin into the appropriate types for writing to the bridge

public Type GetOutputType(IBridge bridge)

Which provides the type expected for a reader implemented with the Sensor Plugin to convert into its implemented type

The IDataConverter is automatically loaded by the bridge on startup and will allow the Sensor Plugin to read/write custom messages to/from the bridge as long as in the sensor's OnBridgeSetup callback AddWriter() and AddReader() are called respectively

Python API example

Sensor will be calling custom callback in Python API with kind set to comfort. Here is an example of Python API using this callback:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import os
import lgsvl

# load map
sim = lgsvl.Simulator(os.environ.get("SIMULATOR_HOST", ""), 8181)
if sim.current_scene == "BorregasAve":

spawns = sim.get_spawn()

# create vehicle (make sure you add Comfort Sensor to its sensors in WebUI)
state = lgsvl.AgentState()
state.transform = spawns[0]
a = sim.add_agent("Lincoln2017MKZ (Apollo 5.0)", lgsvl.AgentType.EGO, state)

# custom callback that will be assigned to agent
def onCustom(agent, kind, context):
  if kind == "comfort":
    print("Comfort sensor callback!", context)
    # ignore other custom callbacks

# set callback & run simulation

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2019 LG Electronics, Inc.

This software contains code licensed as described in LICENSE.

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