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New features:

  • Full Cyber RT support for communicating with Apollo 3.5, see apollo-3.5 repository
  • New Apollo 3.5 vehicle for connecting with Cyber RT
  • Python API for creating scenarios, or collecting sensor data
  • New map based on Taiwan CAR Lab Shalun test facility in Taiwan
  • Experimental NPC movement based on more accurate physics simulation


  • NPC changing lanes to avoiding obstacles
  • Updated SimpleMap annotation and lighting settings
  • Added better physics to Tugbot hook, LiDAR visualization, improved movement logic
  • Unified how origin for map is specified in Unity scene
  • Send gear, throttle, and braking information to Apollo in CAN bus message, fixes #128


  • Fix gravity direction in IMU sensor for acceleration, fixes #109
  • Fix IMU sensor coordinate-system for Apollo vehicle, fixes #114

对于中国的用户,您可以从百度网盘(提取码: 6k91)下载使用我们的仿真器。

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