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@bshin-lge bshin-lge released this Mar 22, 2019 · 175 commits to master since this release

Example use case - implementing end-to-end lane following for ROS2:

New features:

  • Reworked NPC system to use existing HDMap for navigation, removed old/custom NPC annotaions
  • New NPC movement physics simulation - allows NPC vehicles to have more realistic motion
  • Added new simple room map with Tugbot from - supports full ROS integration for control and * services, single-beam LiDARs, three cameras
  • Added cruise control for vehicle, allows vehicle to drive at constant speed for capturing data
  • Added ROS1 IMU and odometry for Autoware


  • Easier way to add new maps - Unity scene needs to have fewer objects in scene for it to work
  • Improved object annotation for segmentation camera - objects are classified based on Unity tags
  • Visualizing vehicles detected by radar sensor outside of Unity Editor
  • Publishing timestamp from ground truth messages
  • Improved bridge to support custom ROS services
  • Improved LiDAR/camera performance on Linux - latency of retrieving data is reduced to 1 frame instead of 2 frames

Fixed issues:

  • Fix memory issue Async in Linux after resizing main window
  • LiDAR visualization was not correctly working when there are multiple EGO vehicles in scene
  • Multiple fixes to improve HDMap annotation on SanFrancisco map
  • Wrong positions were published for vehicle positions detected by Apollo radar
  • Wrong IMU coordinate frame was published for Apollo
  • LiDAR point cloud and camera image could stop working after window is resized
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