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@zelenkovsky zelenkovsky released this Jun 8, 2019


  • Added Python script that uses API to generate training data in KITTI format.
  • Added examples to showing how to create and test various scenarios using Python API.
  • Added Shalun map annotations, fixed missing collider.
  • Improved traffic junction annotations for San Francisco, Shalun and SimpleMap.
  • Speedbump annotation and export for Apollo hdmap.


  • Changed protobuf serialization library to protobuf-net. This fixes issue where Apollo 3.5 sometimes lost control of vehicle due to mismatch in protobuf serialization.
  • Publishing IMU message in more uniform interval, fixes #138
  • Fixed memory leak that happened for every get bounding_box Python API call.
  • Fixed NPC vehicle speed when making NPC follow waypoints with Python API.
  • Fixed segmentation camera when used from Python API, it was not initialized correctly.

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