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@martins-mozeiko martins-mozeiko released this Nov 1, 2019 · 103 commits to master since this release


  • Apollo HD map import
  • Accurate sun position in sky based of map location. Including time of sunrise and sunset.
  • Control calibration sensor to help calibrating AD stack control.
  • Ported Shalun map from previous non-HDRP simulator version.
  • Ground Truth sensor for traffic light.
  • Python API method to get controllable object by position.
  • Python API method to convert multiple map coordinates in single call.
  • Python API method to perform multiple ray-casts in single call.
  • Sensor for controlling vehicle with steering wheel (Logitech G920).
  • Platform independent asset bundles (Windows and Linux).
  • Allow to set custom data path for database and downloaded bundles.
  • Visualize data values for non-image senors (GPS, IMU, etc).
  • Populate scene with required objects when new scene is created in Unity Editor.


  • Fixed exceptions in ROS Bridge where if it receives message on topic that it has not subscribed.
  • Fixed 3D Ground Truth sensor to report correct NPC orientation angles.
  • Fixed Radar sensor to visualize pedestrians.
  • Fixed Color camera to render mountains in BorregaAve.
  • Fixed EGO vehicle collision callback to Python API.
  • Fixed WebUI redirect loop that happens if you are logged out.
  • Fixed reported NPC vehicle speed. Fixes #347 and #317.
  • Fixed gear shifting for EGO vehicle control. Fixes #389.
  • Fixed NPC waypoint following where NPCs stopped if assigned speed is too low.
  • Fixed semantic segmentation for vehicles and pedestrians added with Python API.
  • Fixed ROS2 message publishing (seq field was missing in Header). Fixes #413.
  • Fixed issue with database on some non-English locales. Fixes #381.
  • Fixed point cloud generation in Unity Editor.
  • Fixed browser loosing cookie when session ends in WebUI.
  • Fixed slowness in Python API when running without access to Internet.
  • Fixed issue when multiple users could not use same map url.
  • Improved error messages when simulation fails to start.

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