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Available goals

  • tapestry-tldgen:tld-generate

Setting up tapestry-tldgen

This requires only 2 minutes.

  1. Carefully javadoc your component classes and their attributes annotated with @Parameter (already done i hope, isn't it ? :))

  2. Open the pom.xml in your library project

  3. Add the following configuration in your plugins descriptor :

    fr.exanpe tapestry-tldgen ${set the version here} tld-generate process-classes ${set your tld uri here} ${set your tld defaut namespace here} ${set your root package here} ${set your source file encoding here}
  4. Run a build and get your tld from target/ folder

Plugin Configuration

Configuration key Required Description
uri true The uri of your taglib.
rootPackage true The root package to scan the components. Do not append "components" in the end, root only is required.
namespace false The namespace of the taglib. Default is "t" .
encoding false The source file encoding. Default is your plateform encoding.
outputFile false The tld file location. Default is ${}/${}.tld