Brunch skeleton that utilizes PhoneGap and Lungo
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Brunch with PhoneGap and Lungo

This is a template for building fast HTML5 mobile apps. It uses PhoneGap for compiling/supporting different devices, Lungo.js for the mobile application framework, for work-flow/application assembly and a little of my own optimizations, structure, and modules.

I'm pretty opinionated with my modules and views, so if you want to do it your own way just move app/views/styles up a directory and delete the app/views and app/modules folders along with the accompanying code in

Main languages are CoffeeScript and Sass.

Contributors welcome!

Getting started

  • Install node: Go to and use their installer
  • Install brunch: npm install -g brunch
  • Create project: brunch new gh:connorblack/brunch-with-moby <project name>
  • Move into folder: cd <project name>
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Build project and start server: brunch w -s
  • Project should now be running on http://localhost:3000/
  • To get it started with PhoneGap visit

Also, for in-browser development check out the Dimensions app:


Software the skeleton uses:

  • jQuery - general web development utilities
  • QuoJS - awesome mobile gestures

Legal Stuff (MIT License)

Distributed under MIT license.