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A migration tool for moving from Lighthouse issues to other systems (Github)
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This is a migration tool for moving tickets from lighthouse app to other systems.


git clone
composer install

This will download the required code and setup dependencies.

How to use

If you are familiar with cakephp, or even if you are not, you can dive straight in and you'll be guided through the process:

$ Console/cake

Lighthouse migration shell

For help with each command append `--help`. The commands should
be called in the order shown, each asks for confirmation before
doing anything for your own piece of mind. To get more
information about what the shell is doing, use the `--verbose`

Lighthouse functions:

Console/cake lighthouse.load
Console/cake lighthouse.renumber
Console/cake lighthouse.accept
Console/cake lighthouse.skip (optional)
Console/cake (optional)
Console/cake lighthouse.names (optional)

Github functions:

Console/cake github.setup
Console/cake github.import



Export from lighthouse.


Existing tickets must be exported from Lighthouse using the administrative "account export" tool. This can be found at Lighthouse will then mail an export file which is the input to the migration process.

Required steps to set things up are to run the following commands:

Console/cake lighthouse.load <export file>
Console/cake lighthouse.renumber
Console/cake lighthouse.accept [--open] [--closed]

For the last comment, one or both of --open, --closed must be specified. This will create copies of the export files with the data in the format used by the import process using the ticket open/closed state as the primary means of determining which tickets to import.


Optionally after this, it's recommended to review the data that will be imported. This gives the possibility to remove individual tickets, or a whole user's activity from the data to be imported. Tickets, and comments are presented for review like so:


Ticket 1: A real ticket title

The ticket text is presented here
so that you can review the ticket and decide
if it should be imported or skipped

Approve this ticket by someuser? y/n/Y/N

There are four possible responses, y(es), n(o) and Y(ES), N(O). Answering y will leave the ticket to be imported; Answering Y (capital letter) will accept this ticket and pre-approve all activity by someuser. By contrast, answering n will remove the ticket from the set of tickets to be imported, answering N will also blacklist someuser so that all of their tickets (and comments) are marked as spam and not imported.

All tickets are processed in this way, and then all comments also. If the lighthouse project is public be aware that there is no indication in an account export file of tickets or comments which are identified as spam via the web interface.

###Extract user names

The final optional step is to extract usernames from lighthouse activity to permit attribution to equivalent users in the destination ticket system. The names of assigned users are automatically extracted during the accept shell, this step none-interactively adds all usernames for all tickets/comments to the list of known usernames.


Import to github.


To use the shell to import tickets to github, first run the setup shell:

Console/cake github.setup

The shell will do 3 things:

  • Prompt for a github oauth token if there isn't one defined
  • Map lighthouse projects to github projects (i.e. where the tickets should be imported to)
  • Map lighthouse usernames to github usernames

The oauth token is obtained from your account page on github. This is required to be able to use github's api.

Mapping projects to github projects defines which projects will be processed. If there is no map defined the import process will not touch the pre-processed lighthouse project data.

Mapping usernames is not required and this step can be aborted if desired, the only concequence is that usernames will be displayed as plain text instead of being a link to the github-user's profile.


It's recommended that before running the import script in anger - it is run against a fork of the project to check that imported tickets/comments are created as expected. The shell is intended to be failure tollerant and can be restarted should it fail to complete and pick up where it left off. The import process will create labels and milestones as required, to do this however it's necessary for the user running the import script (the user who corresponds to the api token provided in the previous step) to have commit rights to the repository.

To start the import process, just specify the project name:

Console/cake github.import projectname
Github issue lh-import/example #1 created for ticket A real ticket title

##Bugs and support

Found a problem or have a feature request? Please create an issue

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