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Basic example implementation for verifying exported character data
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Light's Hope Export Verifier

This project contains a C++ example implementation of a Light's Hope character data verifier. When provided with the contents of an exported account data archive, it can ensure that the data has not been tampered with since being exported from the Light's Hope website. To achieve this, it uses ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) to generate a signature using an asymmetric key pair that can then be verified by the end-user to ensure no tampering has taken place. This is the same fundamental technique used to sign cryptocurrency transactions.

Although intended as an example of how to verify exported characters, you may wish to simply invoke this application as part of your importing pipeline.

File contents

Each account is exported as a zip archive containing three files; account.json, key and signature.

  • characters.json contains character data encompassing Northdale, Lightbringer and Silver Hand.
  • pubkey contains the public key that can be used in conjunction with the signature to verify whether characters.json has been modified since export. This file is provided only to assist in in the event of key revokation. Under no circumstances should it be used to verify whether the data is from Light's Hope. A malicious user could replace this key and signature with their own - use only the key from the Light's Hope website. This example implementation will not accept an ASCII-encoded pubkey without modification.
  • signature contains the cryptographic signature for characters.json, encoded as an ASCII hex string
  • signature.der contains cryptographic signature for characters.json, encoded as ASN.1 DER. Note: This file may not be available in older exports. See the notes at the bottom for further details.

TL;DR verification examples

Using this example application

With the signature file:

verifier -pubkey pubkey.ber -signature <ASCII encoded hex string> -json characters.json

With the signature.der file:

verifier -pubkey pubkey.ber -sigder <DER encoded signature file name> -json characters.json

Or pipe the JSON data in:

verifier -pubkey pubkey.ber <-signature or -sigder> < characters.json

OpenSSL command line

openssl dgst -sha256 -verify pubkey.pem -signature signature.der characters.json

OpenSSL with PHP

$signature = file_get_contents("signature.der");
$chars_json = file_get_contents("characters.json");
$pubkey = openssl_pkey_get_public(file_get_contents("pubkey.pem"));
$result = openssl_verify($chars_json, $signature, $pubkey, OPENSSL_ALGO_SHA256);

Doesn't work? Something missing? Read the rest of this document.


Building this project requires CMake, the Botan cryptographic library and a recent version of Clang, GCC or Visual Studio 2019. Botan is available as a package on most Linux distributions.


Precautions: As mentioned above, the public key included within the data archive should not be used to verify whether the data is from Light's Hope. Only use the public key provided on the Light's Hope website.

To use the application, simply provide three arguments; -pubkey, -json and -signature. -json is the provided characters.json, pubkey is the PEM or BER encoded public key available from the Light's Hope website or this repository (see the root) and -signature is expected cryptographic signature, provided directly on the command line rather than as a file. By default, -signature expects a decimal value so prepend 0x when providing a hexadecimal value.

If verification succeeds, the application will print Signature OK, or Signature Invalid on failure. A return code of 0 indicates success, whereas 1 indicates a failed verification. Any other value indicates that an error occured - see stderr.

Note: You can optionally omit the -json argument and instead pipe the file to the application through stdin.

Note: You can optionally use -sigder and provide the signature.der file rather than providing a string to -signaturee


The provided characters.json contains information on every character contained on a Light's Hope account. No account data is provided aside from an account ID. Usernames, password data, email addresses, ban/warning notes are not included. Permanently banned accounts are not available for export.

Table Description
character_action Describes a character's action bar layout, mapping skills/macros/items to slots/binds.
character_aura Describes any active character auras (e.g. buffs).
character_gifts Describes any gift-wrapped items the character holds.
character_homebind Contains the character's hearthstone location.
character_inventory Contains details on a character's inventory.
character_pet Describes any pets the character owns.
character_queststatus Describes a character's quest progress, including reward selection.
character_reputation Describes a character's standing with any discovered factions.
character_skills Describes a character's learned skills.
character_spell Describes a character's learned speells.
character_spell_cooldown Contains information on any items/spells that are on cooldown.
character_stats Describes a character's stats (e.g. health, mana).
characters Describes the base data for a character (e.g. location, class, faction).
merge_char_data Contains the provenance of a character that was transferred during the Anathema & Darrowshire to Lightbringer merge.
item_instance Describes items owned by the character, including those that were on the auction house or in their mailbox.

The MaNGOS wiki can provided detailed information on the function of each table and its columns. Some tables will contain data that is specific to the core used by Light's Hope. It is up to each importing project whether they decide to make use of this additional data in their core.

Realm history

Every realm launched during the timeline shown in the diagram below was a progressive server starting on patch 1.2, with the exception of Silver Hand. All servers ran with 1x experience and drop rates, aiming for close approximation of the original experienced offered back in 2004 to 2006.

Lightbringer (PvP)

The oldest and largest of the realms. Lightbringer is an amalgamation of three individual realms; Anathema (previously Nostalrius PvP), Elysium PvP and Darrowshire (previously Nostalrius PvE).

Northdale (PvP)

Launched several months after the the project's inception, Northdale followed in the footsteps of previous progressive realms after Lightbringer reached patch 1.12.

Silver Hand (PvP)

A short-term, non-progressive, 1.12 realm catering to casual players seeking Classic prepration, hardcore players looking to practice their speed-leveling strategies and those interested in pushing themselves to clear as much content as possible within a short window of time. Following progression on Silver Hand made it seem likely that a dedicated guild could feasibly clear all PvE content within 4-6 weeks of a realm's launch, excluding the war effort's public resource gathering phase but including commendation.

This ASCII diagram shows the relationship between each realm.

 ========================= Nostalrius =============================

      Nostalrius Begins
       Nostalrius PvP   Nostalrius PvE
              x                x
====================== Elysium Project =============================
              |                |
 Valkyrie-----v                |                                
           Anathema       Darrowshire
               |               |              Elysium PvP
               |               |                  |           Zeth'Kur
               |               |                  |               |
               v---------------v------------------v-------------- <
               |               |                  |
               |               |                  |
17/10/2017 ============= Light's Hope =============================
               |               |                  | 
           Anathema       Darrowshire        Lightbringer
               |               |                  |             
23/06/2018     |               |                  |         Northdale      
22/06/2019     >--------------->------------------v             |         Silver Hand
                                                  |             |              |
25/08/2019                                        x             x              x


Where's signature.der? It's missing!

signature.der was not included in the earliest of exports but it is required to use OpenSSL for verification. However, you can easily convert the provided signature file to DER through the following steps:

  1. Prepend the following sequence to the signature string: 3081880242
  2. Convert the ASCII string back to a binary representation (for example, PHP's hex2bin)
  3. Done!

If you're providing an import service, you may also wish to ask the user to export their data again.

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