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#ifndef BWASE_H
#define BWASE_H
#include "bntseq.h"
#include "bwt.h"
#include "bwtaln.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
// Initialize mapping tables in the bwa single-end mapper.
void bwase_initialize();
// Calculate the approximate position of the sequence from the specified bwt with loaded suffix array.
void bwa_cal_pac_pos_core(const bntseq_t *bns, const bwt_t* bwt, bwa_seq_t* seq, const int max_mm, const float fnr);
// Refine the approximate position of the sequence to an actual placement for the sequence.
void bwa_refine_gapped(const bntseq_t *bns, int n_seqs, bwa_seq_t *seqs, ubyte_t *_pacseq);
// Backfill certain alignment properties mainly centering around number of matches.
void bwa_aln2seq(int n_aln, const bwt_aln1_t *aln, bwa_seq_t *s);
// Calculate the end position of a read given a certain sequence.
int64_t pos_end(const bwa_seq_t *p);
bwtint_t bwa_sa2pos(const bntseq_t *bns, const bwt_t *bwt, bwtint_t sapos, int len, int *strand);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif // BWASE_H
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