Small Mac OS X (10.9, 10.10) Application to control builtin Apache and MySql Server. It's like the tiny clone of XAMPP...
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#OSX Server Control


With this small Mac OS X (10.9, 10.10) App you can start and stopp the Mac OSX-builtin Apache and MySql Servers. It is like a tiny version of the XAMPP Control without additional software and overloaded stuff.

This is how the App looks in Mavericks.

Mac OSX App to control apache, mysql

At the moment there is no possibility to change the paths to the server applications. The command apachectlwill be used to start and stop Apache webserver and /usr/local/opt/mysql/bin/mysql.server is used to start MySQL server.

If you want to use the app you have to compile it with xcode or you can download this repo as zip file, extract it and put the AMP to your Applications folder.


If you have any ideas just let me know or open a ticket here.


Open Source under MIT License