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Safari extension that opens the current page in Chrome.
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Open in Chrome

Safari extension that opens the current page in Chrome. See this post by John Gruber for the "why" on this one.

Note: the extension depends on an AppleScript application to communicate with Chrome, so it will not work on Windows.


  1. Download and extract the ZIP file
  2. Install the extension (double-click OpenInChrome.safariextz)
  3. Put the ChromeHelper app anywhere you want and double-click it to register with Mac OS X (nothing will happen yet)
  4. Click the Open in Chrome arrow button in Safari to open the current page in Chrome

Version History

2014-06-29: Code sign ChromeHelper app (for Gatekeeper, issue #3).

2014-06-08: Fix an issue causing Chrome to open in Parallels instead of the native version (issue #2).

2014-01-07: Add retina toolbar icon.

2013-07-22: Fix an issue that caused OS X to report that the ChromeHelper application is damaged.

2012-12-12: Bug fix - make sure that Chrome always brings itself to the front (instead of hiding behind Safari).

2012-01-23: Initial release.

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