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Some talk ideas. Fork to make your own!
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Talks I Want To Give


What is this?

A list of talk ideas. Thanks to Sasha for the great idea. This will replace the random notes I keep in Evernote.

Never come up blank at a conference call for proposals again! Now those ideas are public, and can be fleshed out with help from others.

As Sasha says It's a list of possible talk ideas that maybe you'd like to give. It's half thinking out loud, and half soliciting 30% feedback and suggestions.

Publishing your talk ideas has a bunch of awesome benefits!

  • Sometimes you have brilliant ideas. Sometimes there are open CFP's. How often do they overlap? Never! Write 'em down now!
  • If someone wants you as a speaker, they can ask you to speak about a topic you actually like!
  • Sometimes it's hard to see what parts of your own work would make really good talks. Ask your friends and coworkers to write Issues and Pull Requests for awesome talk ideas!

What do I do with it?

  1. Fork her repo! git clone
  2. Write down your talks & ideas in and
  3. Add yourself to the list of talkers below! (by sending a pull request!)
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