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…ormation from the internet
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+sbt test may cause a failed test, e.g.
+[info] Light Server should
+[error] x return the contents of available resource
+[error] 'Date Thu Apr 19 17:51:55 CEST 2012' is not equal to 'Date Thu Apr 19 17:51:56 CEST 2012' (ServerSpecs.scala:10)
+[error] Expected: ...:51:5[6] CEST...
+[error] Actual: ...:51:5[5] CEST...
+This may be due to timing differences between your computer and the server where you lookup the data.
+You have at least two options:
+a) rerun with "sbt test" several times till the time difference is small enough to pass the test or
+b) calibrate your computer to the internet time of a reference server e.g. and rerun the test which will
+ increase the possibility of a passed test. or
+c) change the test to check for the data independent of the time e.g. with a regular expression match.
+It's up to you :-)

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