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Taming MAML: efficient unbiased meta-reinforcement learning
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Taming MAML: Efficient unbiased meta-reinforcement learning

Reference Tensorflow implementation of Taming MAML: Efficient unbiased meta-reinforcement learning. We will release Pytorch version later.

Getting started

You can use Dockerfile to build an image with conda environment called tmaml included, activating this conda env:

conda activate tmaml

you can also use tmaml.yml to create a conda env called tmaml.

conda env create -f tmaml.yml

then activate this conda env

conda activate tmaml


You can use the , and scripts in order to run reinforcement learning experiments with different algorithm. MAML:

python --env HalfCheetahRandDirecEnv


python --env HalfCheetahRandDirecEnv


python --env HalfCheetahRandDirecEnv


To cite TMAML please use

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  • Adding TMAML
  • Adding MAML
  • Adding DICE
  • Benchmarking
  • Pytorch version


This repository is based on ProMP repo.

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