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This is a Meggy Jr. re/demake of a game I made in HyperCard way back in 1994 or so. The conceit of it is that you're a resident of a space station that has just been attacked by aliens, causing a blow-out in the recreation dome and gravity generator failure. You control a ground-mounted robotic arm that can reach out a pluck people out of the quickly-escaping air as they float by, whereafter they can get to safety. You also have a blaster with which to shoot down the UFOs that attempt to abduct the survivors as they float by. Gameplay should be pretty self-explanatory. Left/right to move along the ground, A to trigger the arm and B to fire the gun.

Even if you don't find the game interesting, I've created what amounts to a Meggy Jr. game engine, which you may want to take a look at. It does basic Actor management, time-based sequences, and a sound engine that approximates a (very) poor man's MIDI synth.

Do note that this game may require an ATmega328 Meggy to run, as it's rather RAM hungry.

Note: this project is hosted both on github (where development will occur; please direct pull requests here if convenient) and as part of the Meggy Jr RGB Library project (under contributed/games; this version should remain release quality such as that applies to a project like this).


Meggy Jr. RGB game and game engine (Blast the UFOs and save the spacemen!)




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