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Conway's Game of Life, gamified. A meditation on growth.
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The Automataic Gardner

A little meditation based on Conway's Game of Life.

The game is divided into seasons. Each season, you get 32 seeds to plant. You plant the first 7 seeds during the winter (no cells are born or die during the winter). When you plant the eighth, growing season begins. Once you've planted all your seeds, press [space] to end the season and see how you did.

The grid works according to the rules of Conway's Game of Life, with the addition that spaces get 'overcultivated' as time goes on. When a cell gets too overcultivated, it can no longer support life. Overcultivated cells recover after the end of the season.

Arrow keys to move, [space] to set the 4 cells around your 'spade' (the little red dot), escape to end the game.

Built with Processing.

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