ncurses wrapper around taskwarrior
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Thank you for trying tasknc! tasknc is a ncurses wrapper for task warrior written in C. It aims to provide an interface like the excellent ncurses programs mutt and ncmpcpp.


Installation can be performed by pasting the commands below:

git clone
cd tasknc
sudo make install


task warrior is the backend on which tasknc relies. In Arch Linux, this is provided by the task package.

pod2man is required to generate the manual page. In Arch Linux, this is provided by the perl package.

ncursesw headers are required to compile with unicode support. In Arch Linux, this is provided by the ncurses package.


tasknc is still in active development, and there are still some bugs. Reporting bugs is very helpful to development! Please report these bugs on github. If you experience a segmentation fault, it would be fantastic if you could go into the test directory and run the script and attach the resulting valgrind_errors file.


Contribution in the form of feedback, patches, bug reports, etc. is greatly appreciated.

Original code by mjheagle8. Special thanks to matthiasbeyer for a massive code overhaul.