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Welcome to the LHCb open data portal project!

This project will take you through the process of analysing data from the LHCb experiment looking for a difference in the rate of production of matter and anti-matter from B-meson decay. The project is aimed at the level of advanced high school students, undergraduates and particle physics enthusiasts. As this is essentially large scale data analysis you will be doing some programming.

This analysis will be done in the python programming language. Do not fear if you have not used python before, there is guidance and hints throughout the notebook. There is also an example analysis that will give you examples of how to do everything within the analysis, you just need to adapt the code for physics.

Getting started

Hopefully you will have come to this page through the LHCb open data portal and everware. If so then you just need to click the "LHCb open data portal project" notebook in order to get started. If you have access to an everware instance you can try out this repository simply by surfing there and then pasting a link to this repository or just by clicking this badge

run at everware

If you've come here through everware then just click the "LHCb open data portal project" notebook to get started!


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