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GitHub scraper and source code for a dashboard showing the Open Science MOOC's repository statistics and user activities
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Open Science MOOC Dashboard

Data and source code for this dashboard on the Open Science MOOC's GitHub repository statistics and user activities.

How to collect GitHub data


# Install and load packages using pacman
if (!require("pacman")) install.packages("pacman")

p_load(httr, jsonlite, tidyverse)


See e.g. this article for instructions on how to set up your own GitHub app.

# Set OAuth
gh_app <- oauth_app(appname = "[INSERT HERE]",
                   key = "[INSERT HERE]",
                   secret = "[INSERT HERE]")

# Get credentials and config
github_token <- oauth2.0_token(oauth_endpoints("github"), gh_app)
gtoken <- httr::config(token = github_token)

Custom functions to retrieve data from GitHub

# Function to submit API request, parse JSON content, and convert to data frame 
get_data <- function(url) {
  res <- httr::GET(url, query = list(state = "all", per_page = 100, page = 1), gtoken)
  res_df <- jsonlite::fromJSON(content(res, type = 'text', encoding = "UTF-8"))

# Function to submit multiple API requests, parse JSON content, and convert to data frame 
get_data_multiple <- function(urls) {
  res <- lapply(urls, get_data)
  res_df <- map_df(res,, .id = "df_id")

Collect GitHub data on the Open Science MOOC

# Retrieve Open Science MOOC repos (modules 1-10 only)
repos_df <- get_data("")
repos_df_mod <- repos_df %>% 
  filter(stringr::str_detect(name, "Module-"))

# Retrieve contributors for each repo
contributors_df <- get_data_multiple(repos_df_mod$contributors_url)

# Retrieve stargazers for each repo
stargazers_df <- get_data_multiple(repos_df_mod$stargazers_url)

# Retrieve subscribers for each repo
subscribers_df <- get_data_multiple(repos_df_mod$subscribers_url)

# Export data
save(repos_df_mod, contributors_df, stargazers_df, subscribers_df, file = "osmooc-github.RData")
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