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Replication script for analyzing the development, key actors, and contents of the #We2 movement on Twitter
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Replication data for Konstantin Gavras' and my blog post on analyzing the #We2 movement on Twitter.

The R Markdown document covers text and code to answer the following questions:

  • How did the #We2 movement emerge and develop until the European election day on May 26, 2019?
  • Which users have been involved in the online movement? Who were the most retweeted and favorited users? Did they tweet from personal accounts or verified ones that are of public interest? How inclusive was the movement overall?
  • How did the Twitter activity network look like? Were there any key players who influenced and shaped the debate?
  • Which content was shared and discussed? Which opinions and emotions were expressed in the tweets? Was there a link to other prominent hashtags? Did the hashtag manage to spread to other European countries?

Acknowledgements: Larger parts of the code for this analysis are based on the #MeTwo project we conducted together with Paul Meiners, Sandra Meneses, and Juan Orduz.

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