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  1. I do not have credentials to access the Lhings platform. How do I obtain them?

    Currently Lhings is in private alpha. That means that user accounts are been delivered to selected individuals that are currently testing the platform and the libraries. If you are interested in being part of this alpha phase as a tester, do not hesitate to contact us.

  2. Can I generate my own device UUIDs?

    Of course you can. You have to change the line #define LHINGS_DEVUUID NULL in your sketch, providing a valid UUID string. To obtain one, log into Lhings and go to the devices section. Click on the plus icon, give the new device a name of your choice, and it will appear in the your list of devices. You have to use the UUID provided by Lhings to fill in the #define directive: #define LHINGS_DEVUUID "01234567-0123-0123-0123-01234567890".

    Anyway, bear in mind that the recommended (and easiest) way to assign UUID's to devices is to set this directive to NULL, so that Lhings manages it automatically for you. If you do it this way, your Arduino will remember the UUID provided by Lhings, even after being unplugged and between sketch uploads.

  3. I deleted my device in and after uploading a new sketch using the lhings library it no longer works.

    This is because the lhings library is still reading the old (and deleted) UUID from the eeprom memory of your Arduino board. To reuse a deleted device you have to reset it. In order to do this, you have to call the reset() method of the library. The following sketch will reset the device:

    #include <EEPROM.h>
    #include "Lhings.h"
    void setup(){
    void loop(){
  4. Where do I find my Api-Key?

    Your Api-Key can be obtained in Click on your username (upper right corner) and then select Technical data. An information panel will show you the value of your Api-Key.

  5. Can I add as many devices as I want?

    Currently the number of devices is limited to 10 per user account. As the platform evolves we will continously increase this limit. If you reach your maximum device quota, you will have to delete some devices in order to be able to add new ones.

Your question does not appear here? Do not be shy, feel free to ask us using our issue tracker.

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