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MCF 是一个基于 C++17 的 Windows 框架。
MCF is a C++17 framework for Windows application development.

MCF 遵循“无尘设计”的原则。
其设计目标是将 C 和 C++ 的标准库连带 CRT 全部丢弃,然后重新设计,以期移除任何杂质和智障功能,包括区域和语言设置、标准输入输出流、线程和 thread_local 等。
MCF is a clean room design of C++.
That is, the goal of MCF is to destruct the C and C++ standard libraries as well as the CRT, then rebuild a subset of them, effectively removing mistaken features such as locales, iostreams, threads and thread_local, etc.


How to Build

你必须使用这个工具链构建 MCF,因为其依赖 GCC 的 C++ 库,而不同线程模型并不兼容:
而 MCFCRT 不依赖 GCC 的线程模型,所以使用任何目标为 *-w64-mingw32 发行版的 GCC 都无所谓。
You must use these toolchains to build MCF because of incompatibility of GCC's thread models used to build GCC C++ libraries:
The library MCFCRT does not rely on GCC's thread models thus can be built with any GCC distribution targeting *-w64-mingw32.


@FrankHB recommended this article that I'd like to share with you.
Because that is exactly what I want to say and I am simply too busy to write one.


IRC channel:


Bug Reports

请联系 lh_mouse at 126 dot com(注明 MCF 相关)。
Please email to lh_mouse at 126 dot com. (Please state your email as related to MCF.)