The Asteria Programming Language
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CI Category Build on OS Host OS Build Status
Travis CI Primary Ubuntu Trusty Ubuntu Trusty Build Status
Tea CI Secondary Wine Windows Server 2003 Build Status
Compiler Category Comments
GCC 8 Primary
GCC 7 Secondary Faulty strict overflow warnings.
GCC 4.8 Primary
Clang 6.0 Secondary Unknown warning options. A number of meaningless warnings.
MSVC 19 Obsolete Little build system support. Internal compiler errors.

GNU nano for the win!

The Asteria Programming Language

  1. Sane and clean.
  2. Self-consistent.
  3. Simple to use.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Procedural.
  6. Dynamically typed.
  7. Easy to integrate in a C++ project. (C++11 is required.)
  8. Native to C++ exceptions, particularly std::bad_alloc.


  1. First-class functions.
  2. Closure functions (lambda expressions).
  3. Exceptions.
  4. Flexible syntax similar to C++ and JavaScript.
  5. Regular grammar.
  6. Pass-by-reference function arguments.
    Return values are passed by value by default, but can also be passed by reference using the return& syntax.
  7. Minimal garbage collection support.
    Objects are managed using referencing counting. Primitive types are copy-on-write hence circular references are impossible.


BSD 3-Clause License