Powershell script for sending a HipChat message using their REST API
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#hipchat-ps The hipchat-ps module is inspired by HipChat's hipchat-cli but wraps up the functionality to send a HipChat message in an easy to use Windows PowerShell module.

Getting Started

  1. Copy this module to any location found in $env:PSModulePath

  2. Import the module

    C:\PS>Import-Module Publish-HipChatRoomMessage

  3. List available functions

     C:\PS>Get-Command -Module Publish-HipChatRoomMessage
  4. Get help on the module

     C:\PS>Get-Help Publish-HipChatRoomMessage -examples
     C:\PS>Get-Help Publish-HipChatRoomMessage -detailed
  5. Execute the module

     C:\PS>Publish-HipChatRoomMessage -apitoken e6b4ed16569cb86d272692171d5 5c8 -roomid 49459 -from "lloyd" -message "Test Message http://www.google.com"		


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