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;;;; $Id: cl-syslog.lisp,v 1.3 2006/11/28 19:46:09 lnostdal Exp $
;;;; $Source: /project/cl-syslog/cvsroot/cl-syslog/cl-syslog.lisp,v $
;;;; See the LICENSE file for licensing information.
(in-package :syslog)
;; Condition
(define-condition invalid-facility (error)
:reader facility
:initarg :facility))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
(format stream "Invalid facility ~A." (facility condition)))))
(define-condition invalid-priority (error)
:reader priority
:initarg :priority))
(:report (lambda (condition stream)
(format stream "Invalid priority ~A." (priority condition)))))
;; Foreign function
(cffi:defcfun "openlog" :void
(ident :string)
(option :int)
(facility :int))
(cffi:defcfun "closelog" :void)
(cffi:defcfun "syslog" :void
(priority :int)
(format :string))
;; Utility
(defun get-facility (facility-name)
"Return facility number given the facility's name. If there is no
such facility, signal `invalid-facility' error."
(ash (or (cdr (assoc facility-name *facilities*))
(error (make-condition 'invalid-facility :facility facility-name)))
(defun get-priority (priority-name)
"Return priority number given the priority's name. If there is no
such priority, signal `invalid-priority' error."
(or (cdr (assoc priority-name *priorities*))
(error (make-condition 'invalid-priority :priority priority-name))))
;; Log function
(defun log (name facility priority text &optional (option 0))
"Print message to syslog.
'option' can be any of the +log...+ constants"
(cffi:with-foreign-string (cname name)
(openlog cname option (get-facility facility))
(syslog (get-priority priority) text)
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