perl-script to send xmpp (jabber), similar to what mail(1) does for mail.
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sendxmpp is a perl-script to send XMPP (jabber) messages, similar to
what mail(1) does for mail. XMPP is an open, non-proprietary protocol
for instant messaging. See for more information.

sendxmpp was written by me, Dirk-Jan C. Binnema, and is available under
the term of the GNU General Public License v2. The hard work is done by
Ryan Eatmon's Net::XMPP-modules, and you need have them installed for
sendxmpp to work. Current maintainer is Lubomir Host <>

Obviously, you also need a jabber account; they are freely available
at, but you can also install your own servers.

sendxmpp is already in use for monitoring remote servers (servers can
warn by sending xmpp-messages), and watching CVS commit messages
(developers are all connected to a XMPP-chatroom to which messages are

I am interested in hearing about other uses.


Lubomir Host <>